We offer a palletised service through the PalletForce network, of which Seymour Transport is a shareholding member.

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From our Distribution Centre in North Devon our company provides nationwide coverage.

Pallet-Force-evans-transport-420x295Many companies are looking to make huge efficiency savings to ensure their business is in lean shape to weather the economic downturn. One way to reduce costs is to use a shared distribution network to streamline your transport needs. This gives you the efficiency and sheer power of using a major UK distribution and Logistics network but at a low cost. PalletForce’s new £30 million Hub is now the single largest pallet distribution centre in the UK – giving an unrivaled service.


Seymour Transport is an eminent member of PalletForce, which, without doubt, ranks as one of the most renown, all-round, pallet distribution networks in the UK. In essence, this centralised logistical distribution & transport service allows you, the client, to get your cargo to its destination cost-effectively and in a timely manner, mainly due to a network of over one hundred strategically-located depots nationwide, all of which deliver to a central hub and then collect cargo for delivery in their own areas.

The PalletForce network offers a streamlined process with significant efficiency and savings over conventional methods. The PalletForce network can handle any size consignment from a single pallet to larger part loads with a wide choice of service available. Unlike most pallet networks, PalletForce is Palletforce-evans-transport-420x295owned by its members, with everyone taking equal interest and responsibility for the success of the business, creating an unrivaled commitment to quality and service.

From a single pallet delivery, through to larger loads and part-loads, the PalletForce distribution system allows for huge quantities of goods to be shipped nationwide and even further afield into Europe, at far more cost-effective rates than other conventional courier & transport methods.

The practical and economical benefits of using the PalletForce service from Seymour Transport are clear, but making this choice for your needs has another, more subtle advantage.The centralised nature of the PalletForce scheme means that it represents a far more environmentally sound way to transport goods nationwide. Instead of numerous small consignments taking up space and fuel on the roads, PalletForce ensures that fewer vehicles are required to deliver more loads. It’s a simple principle, but an environmentally sound & responsible one.

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We offer a palletised service through the PalletForce network, of which ...

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Many companies are looking to make huge efficiency savings to ensure...

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PalletForce ensures that fewer vehicles are required to deliver more loads...

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